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  • Kyle Bolt

Preserving History in Charlotte County

Preserving our heritage ensures our stories can be shared for generations to come. Sometimes those stories are dark and we learn from them, or they remind us of who we are and where we came from, and they also show us the things worth protecting and celebrating. That reflection on history allows us to set a path for the future. History is fascinating, and the passionate volunteers in Charlotte County clearly know that.

I appreciated the invitation to St. Andrews on Friday to join Kathy Bockus MLA for Saint Croix in her riding to meet with the St. Andrews Civic Trust, the Charlotte County Court House and Jail, as well as the Charlotte County Archives with a meeting and lunch with community leaders at the beautiful Kingsbrea Garden, courtesy of owner and supporter of all things community, Lucinda Flemer. This is a community with a sharp, important focus on its heritage and I applaud them all for that.

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