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Sussex and Area Action Group Formed to Improve Access to Emergency Care and Surgical Services

Horizon Health Network, in partnership with community leaders in the Sussex area, have come together to find solutions to ensure accessible and sustainable health services in the Sussex area.

The Sussex Health Centre (SHC) and Sussex and Area Action Group has been established and work is now underway – the group has held its initial meetings in September and October where the overall goals and objectives, team structure and roles and responsibilities were established.

“Our goals are to improve access to emergency care and surgical services, recruitment and improving the overall patient experience in the Sussex area,” said Margaret Melanson, interim CEO and President of Horizon. “The restoration of 24/7 Emergency Department hours at this community hospital is front and centre of this collaboration.”

The collaborative team will be focusing on recruitment and retention of health care workers to restore access to services in the area and on models of care that prioritize access to emergency and primary care services while making SHC a leading health centre for its staff and community, augmenting the use of the SHC’s operating room and its ambulatory care services and improving overall patient experience and health outcomes in the area.

During these meetings, the group has also had the chance to hear from members of Sackville’s Rural Health Action Group and the success they achieved in recruiting registered nurses, licenced practical nurses and patient care attendants for the Sackville Memorial Hospital.

The team includes representation from the Sussex and surrounding area, including municipal leaders, and community volunteers that form the SHC and Sussex and Area Action Group.

Horizon representation includes the Executive Regional Director, Co-Leader for Emergency Care, the Manager of the Sussex Health Centre, Human Resources, Primary Health Care, Communications and Community Engagement and local physicians.

“As the voice of our community, we are collaborating with Horizon Health Network on an initiative to ensure Sussex Health Centre is here to stay. We are committed to support our common goal working to overall improve rural health care, preventative health measures and health outcomes in our community”, said Helena McDermott, member of the SHC and Sussex and Area Action Group.

If you are interested in actively participating to this group, please e-mail to get involved.

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