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  • Kyle Bolt

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead is a 3-Year Capital Investment Plan that outlines how the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) plans to build, repair and maintain our province’s transportation network. It identifies which projects are planned, when they are planned and the overall expected investments. As part of the development of this plan, we have consulted with and listened to New Brunswickers, elected officials and Municipalities.

Developing and publishing a 3-Year Capital Investment Plan provides transparency regarding future projects and has several main benefits, including the following: -DTI has a defined plan for project implementation over the next three years. -The public is informed of when and where work is planned. -The transportation industry has the opportunity to plan for upcoming work. Early identification of projects is a large step in efficiently delivering capital programs.

DTI’s 3-Year Capital Investment Plan identifies its planned capital investments in transportation assets as determined by evidence-based tools and documented processes. While there may be a need to modernize and, in some case, expand the highway infrastructure because of the aging infrastructure needs, DTI’s main focus in the foreseeable future is to preserve the existing assets.

This is a rolling 3-year plan, which provides projects for the fiscal years 2022 to 2024 and is updated annually to add future years’ projects. The plan forms the basis for the multi-year budget submission and provides a level of detail that helps government understand the financial resources required to finance the identified projects and programs.

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