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  • Kyle Bolt

Update on Domestic Violence Outreach Services in the Sussex Area

After discussions the past couple weeks around domestic violence outreach in Sussex, I am happy to announce the Women’s Equality Branch has signed an agreement with a new, temporary sponsoring organization to ensure women have access to support when they need it the most.

Sussex Vale Transition House (SVTH) will be funded through the Women’s Equality Branch (WEB) to deliver the program, effective November 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

This program is so important. It provides women who have been affected by domestic and intimate partner violence access to crisis intervention, individual support, accompaniment, risk assessment and safety planning. It makes a difference in the lives of many, providing effective and appropriate interventions for victims of abuse, promoting services available in the community and working toward violence prevention through education in collaboration with other partner agencies.

Thank you Julie Matthews, executive director of SVTH, for your commitment to women in our community and for extending your professional support to provide domestic violence outreach services through collaboration with WEB. It is essential that these services remain in our community, and they look forward to offering education, referrals, and support to women as they heal from domestic abuse.

Domestic violence outreach accompanies women as they connect with and navigate various community, governmental and legal resources, and systems, promote domestic/intimate partner violence public awareness and offer education to the community.

Additional services include:

-trauma-informed, non-judgmental support and understanding. Guidance in self-care, healthy coping strategies, and support client-directed goal accomplishment. -group and individual support meetings. -assist in educating in domestic/intimate partner violence, danger assessment (for lethality), safety planning, and make referrals to local resources as needed (low income housing, income assistance, legal aid, mental health and addictions, etc.). -assist in applications for Emergency Intervention Orders.

I appreciate SVTH, which has the expertise and infrastructure in place to oversee and deliver this program, for working closely with WEB during this period of change and transition. Their leadership during the past two weeks has meant the residents of the Sussex region have ongoing access to crucial support services. Women have never needed these services more as they navigate very challenging, and sometimes violent, circumstances during COVID.

If anyone is a victim of domestic or intimate partner violence, please reach out to the Sussex Vale Transition House to speak with a crisis intervenor 24/7 at (506) 432-6999 or send a text to (506) 435-1689.

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