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  • Kyle Bolt

Weekend Meeting of Sports Ministers in Niagara Falls

Safe, welcoming and inclusive environments were the focus of my weekend meetings in Niagara Falls with my fellow federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for sport and recreation.

There is so much to be celebrated in sports, but also so many challenges that women and minority groups face. There needs to be a culture change if we want safe and inclusive sports. Physical activity is so important to the physical and mental well-being of all New Brunswickers, and we need to make sure that no one is discouraged from participating.

We agreed to work collaboratively toward establishing third-party authorities in each jurisdiction by 2023. The authorities will deal with the reporting process and resolution of maltreatment allegations for sports organizations that are funded by a federal, provincial or territorial government.

The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture will continue to invest in various organizations to further the participation of women and girls in sport through promotion, mentorship and programming, such as the She Is Active initiative.

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