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Funding to Repair Roof of New Brunswick Botanical Garden's Welcome Building

The provincial government has approved up to $1.5 million for repairs to the roof of the welcome and administrative building at the New Brunswick Botanical Garden in Edmundston.

Since 1993, the New Brunswick Botanical Garden has provided a unique experience to local residents and visitors alike. It is important to ensure the longevity and the safety of visitors for upcoming seasons.

The garden is a popular destination for nature lovers, researchers and families, boasting 1,500 plant species, beautiful landscapes and educational programs that contribute to the province's cultural and environmental richness. In 2023, the garden attracted more than 51,000 visitors. Repairing the roof is a fundamental step in preserving and enhancing this cherished attraction, which is the largest garden east of Montreal.

“This announcement comes at just the right time for the magnificent New Brunswick Botanical Garden, a tourism and ecological jewel, not only for our community, but for the whole province,” said Edmundston Mayor Eric Marquis. “We salute the provincial government for this important investment, which will undoubtedly allow the New Brunswick Botanical Garden to flourish even more and to continue to welcome its thousands of visitors.”

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