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  • Kyle Bolt

Minister Johnson Visits the Riding

I am always so proud to show off the riding of Sussex-Fundy-St. Martins. Thank you Hon. Margaret Johnson, Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and for spending the day with me. We made a stop for some incredible cheese and visit with Hetty and Ian Smyth at Armadale Farms in Roachville. These are amazing, hard-working farmers who are punching far above their weight in the incredible products they offer….those fresh, squeaky cheese curds are a winner every time. We were also lucky enough to run into well-known Sussex resident John (Opa) deWinter out buying cheese. Then we were blown away by the amazing business Matt Casey and Paul Kowalski are running at NBee Gold in Sussex. This is a beekeeper’s supply superstore and it’s right here in Sussex. There are so many people doing incredible work in this riding. #nbeegold #armadalefarms #exploresussex

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