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  • Kyle Bolt

A Visit to Parlee Beach Provincial Park

Every time I visit Parlee Beach Provincial Park there are incredible changes thanks to general manager Michel Mallet’s vision. I never make a stop without having a lobster roll at the Euston Park patio (which is the outside canteen extraordinaire at the entrance to the beach if you haven’t been there for a while). Chef/vendor Gene Cornier does such a great job there and this year the park has added a cabana on the beach offering Gene’s icy-cold refreshments. It feels like you’re at a southern resort.

I also stopped in to Boutique Beausoleil to thank Leo for 35 years of serving beach visitors with his unique offerings for a day in the sun and sand. He will be retiring from his shop at Parlee Beach this year and will be missed dearly.

Plan a visit to Parlee Beach Provincial Park this summer. You will have the very best day.

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