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  • Kyle Bolt

Applauding Canada Games Volunteers

Thank you Canada Games volunteers at Crabbe Mountain. The provinces of New Brunswick and PEI applaud you. (Picture shows NB Tourism, Heritage, Culture & Sports Minister Tammy Scott-Wallace and PEI Minister of Fisheries & Communities Jamie Fox)

Despite friendly competition every now and then, there’s an undeniable connection and friendship among the people of our Maritime provinces. In my little world of politics it is no different. We partner on things that matter, we share ideas, we take pride in our similarities and joke about our differences, and we celebrate each other’s victories. I value these relationships with our Maritime provinces, and never did I feel that more than in recent months with the World Junior Hockey Championships Nova Scotia and New Brunswick co-hosted, and more recently the Canada Winter Games that ended on the weekend. While PEI hosted, NB (Crabbe) housed the alpine ski portion and NS also hosted events to help PEI succeed. I was just thinking of how lucky we are in this little neck of the world to have such great neighbours…Maritimers tend to gravitate to one another no matter where we are.

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