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  • Kyle Bolt

Black History Month

Since 1995, the month of February has been a time across our country to shine a spotlight on the formative and under-reported history of Black Canadians. It is a time for us to come together in recognition of the undue hardships and the extensive advancements made because of Black citizens. It is a time to draw attention to this vital and under-reported part of our history. There is not a sector of our society that is not stronger for the contributions made to it by Black Canadians.

On May 25, 1815, more than 300 former Black American slaves arrived at the Saint John harbour, having fled bondage in the Chesapeake Bay region of the eastern United States. Those courageous and hardworking refugees eventually founded the community of Willow Grove, just outside of Saint John, in 1817. That significant event and important location from New Brunswick Black history is being honoured during Black History Month in the form of a postage stamp.

Black History Month is about education, remembrance and social justice. I would like to recognize the organizations and community groups who work to deepen our collective understanding and appreciation of the considerable role Black history plays in shaping our province. I encourage everyone to take a moment to consider the valuable legacy of Black Canadians, both past and present.

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