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  • Kyle Bolt

Budget 2024-2025: Stronger Than Ever, Let's Keep Building!

Today in the legislature, our government tabled the 2024-25 budget, delivering the biggest health care budget in New Brunswick’s history as well as outlining investments in other priority areas such as health care, housing, supporting vulnerable populations and education, including:

• Nearly $3.8 billion, the biggest health-care budget in New Brunswick’s history

• $50 million to continue the Enhanced Energy Savings Program

• $42.9 million for enrolment growth and rising operating costs in school districts

• $29.7 million in wage increases for the human services sector

• $370+ million in relief to NB taxpayers

• $58.3 million in additional support for social assistance clients

• $68.9 million increase for Housing NB

For more information on the 2024-25 budget, visit:

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