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  • Kyle Bolt

Building a Stronger New Brunswick Together

We as a province are certainly not without our challenges, but together we are building a stronger New Brunswick.

-$2 billion in provincial debt eliminated, translating to $275,000 per day in savings from servicing debt that can be better spent in our communities

-Leveraging our strong tourism industry as an economic driver

-Food programming in every school

-$100 investments in heat pumps for New Brunswick homes, helping homeowners with the cost of electricity

-Childcare fees cut by 50% on average since 2022

-$500 million earmarked for housing initiatives over 3 years

-Nearly $4 billion invested in healthcare this past year, used to reduced barriers to education and employment, creation of new programs to train nurses, adding medical seats, and creation of collaborative care clinics

-and much more!

While the full impact of some of these investments might take time to be felt in our systems, meeting the challenges and opportunities that have been inherited with our province's tremendous growth is the top priority.

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