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  • Kyle Bolt

Department of Social Development Budget 2023-2024

We are improving the lives of New Brunswickers of all ages through income supports, social assistance increases, improved wages for those working in the care sector, and more support for those aging at home.

We aid individuals at all stages of life, ensuring that New Brunswickers receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time. Initiatives include:

• $13.4 million to index social assistance rates to inflation moving forward, including $5.9 million for existing social assistance reforms • $44.9 million to increase wages for personal support workers in home support and special care homes • $9.7 million to fund wage increases for group homes, community residences, family support and attendant care • $8.8 million to support the increased operating costs to home care agencies which provide long-term care and disability support services • $2 million to help seniors remain in their homes longer through the expanded Nursing Homes Without Walls Program

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