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  • Kyle Bolt


Above all else, I am a mom. I am also an MLA representing the beautiful town of Sussex where, at one time, indigenous children were sent to be stripped of their culture and often times, their dignity. As a white, privileged woman these two reasons alone stop me in my tracks as I reflect on this National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. I have had the joy of tucking my children into a safe bed their entire lives. I have had the luxury of sending my children off to school while I worked, knowing educators have their best interests at heart. And I have been blessed beyond measure to live in a time and place where my children are accepted for exactly who they are. I cannot imagine the pain endured by the indigenous people who lived the reality of a horrific school system. I appreciate so much the work our teachers put into creating such an important learning day for our children today. Without education, there is no progress. Without truth, there is no reconciliation. 🧡

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