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First Conservation Fundraising Moose Licence being raffled by New Brunswick Wildlife Federation

A new class of resident moose licence will give New Brunswick hunters a chance to win a licence while supporting a non-profit organization.

The Conservation Fundraising Moose Licence, issued by the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development, will allow one moose licence per year to be awarded through a random draw held by a New Brunswick hunting or fishing organization as part of its fundraising activities.

“The annual moose hunt is a fall tradition New Brunswick hunters look forward to each year,” said Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland. “A moose hunting licence is an attractive prize that will help the chosen non-profit hunting or fishing organization in its fundraising efforts.”

The New Brunswick Wildlife Federation has been chosen to host the first raffle.

"This will certainly be a game changer for us," said federation president Nathalie Michaud. "More people, especially youth, will benefit from this fundraiser. Our goal for the next two years is to bring more youth outside, through various programs, so they can learn about our natural resources and our heritage sports, such as hunting, angling, trapping and sport shooting. A moose licence is an excellent prize for a fundraiser, and we would like to thank everyone involved in developing this new class of licence for making this happen."

Hunters who enter the raffle for the Conservation Fundraising Moose Licence can still participate in the department’s resident moose licence draw or be issued a designated moose licence for the same year. Participating in the raffle does not affect a person’s status in the department’s moose draw priority pool, however hunters will only be permitted to hold one licence per year.

This licence will be accounted for within the existing annual resident moose licence quota.

More information on this year’s raffle is available from the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation.

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