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  • Kyle Bolt

Funding Announcement for Securing the Legacy Project

The final component of a 10-year process to nurture sculpture in the province was announced today.

The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture announced $9,000 in funding to the Securing the Legacy project, which aims to document the works created through the Sculpture Saint John series of five international symposiums over the past 10 years.

The final legacy project will include: -The creation of a map of the completed sculpture trail with locations and information about each sculpture. -An updated website to include information on the history of the trail, the biographies of the artists, and the story behind each sculpture and the communities where the sculptures are located. -The creation of a commemorative book that will present the entire completed sculpture trail and the history of the symposium and the communities where the pieces are located. -The creation of a 10-minute video that will document the development and placement of the sculptures, highlight the communities and continue to draw residents and visitors to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the unique pieces of art in public spaces in the province.

The department has provided $395,000 over 10 years to Sculpture Saint John through the Strategic Initiative Fund. By the conclusion of the 2022 symposium, it will have led to the creation of 38 monumental sculptures installed in 19 communities in the province created by 38 artists from 16 countries. These artists will have trained 29 young New Brunswick artists through an interactive mentoring program.

A big thank you to Minister Trevor Holder for making this announcement on my behalf today.

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