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  • Kyle Bolt

Funding Provided to Fundy Guild for Strategic Tourism Plan

This week, the provincial and federal governments announced an investment of $394,900 to allow Fundy Guild Inc., also known as the Friends of Fundy, to develop a strategic tourism plan for the Upper Bay of Fundy region.

“The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture has recognized in its strategic planning that each region is unique and requires a customized approach when developing their tourism plans,” said Social Development Minister Bruce Fitch. “To succeed, industry leaders and community stakeholders need to be informed, engaged, connected and supported, which is what Friends of Fundy will do. We are happy to support the collaborative efforts to bring together the Upper Bay of Fundy region to prepare for travel to the region in the years to come.”

Fitch spoke on behalf of Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister Tammy Scott-Wallace.

The provincial and federal governments invested non-repayable contributions of $98,725 and $296,175 respectively. The plan will focus on aligning and integrating approaches taking place in communities throughout the Upper Bay of Fundy region.

"Friends of Fundy is grateful for the support of both our provincial and federal partners and their ability to see the opportunity in investing in collaborative and community-led approaches to destination development,” said executive director, Fundy Guild Inc. Micha Fardy. “We believe that great experiences come from great communities – whether that be a large region of small rural communities spanning 200 km or many small mountain bike communities spanning four Atlantic provinces. When community stewardship and pride of place are at the core of destination development and communities are supported to collaborate on what is most important to them environmentally, culturally and economically, they will develop and share world class experiences to visitors from near and far."

The Friends of Fundy, in collaboration with community partners, will align and build stories and themes across attractions, products and experiences from St. Martins to Hillsborough, including the Sussex region; support community economic development; and honour their community and place.

“Tourism is vital to our economy,” said federal Economic Development Minister and Minister responsible for Official Languages and for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Mélanie Joly. “Investments like the ones announced today help our tourism partners create new opportunities for communities, businesses, and operators, positioning the industry – and the region – for a swift recovery.”

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