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  • Kyle Bolt

Highway Commercial Signage Regulation Under Review

The provincial government is reviewing the highway commercial signage regulation under the Highway Act to modernize the process and criteria.

“Changes are needed to better serve the concerns of local businesses and tourism operators,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Richard Ames. “There are opportunities to improve the regulation, and we want both New Brunswickers and tourists to know what services and attractions are located off the main highway. We want to encourage people to stop and enjoy what the province has to offer rather than just to drive through on their way to somewhere else.”

The department will consult with stakeholders as well as with other government departments, including Tourism, Heritage and Culture; Environment and Local Government; Service New Brunswick; Opportunities NB and Economic Development and Small Business.

I am pleased the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure sees the importance of updating this regulation and I look forward to participating in the discussions. I am confident tourism operators will welcome the opportunity to provide input.

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