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  • Kyle Bolt

New Brunswick's Minimum Wage to Increase April 1st

The province’s minimum wage will increase to $15.30 per hour on April 1, from the current rate of $14.75 per hour.

“Our government’s attention to the province’s minimum wage over the past five years has ensured New Brunswick wages are competitive within Atlantic Canada,” said Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Arlene Dunn. “Predictable minimum wage increases, which we established in 2019, protect earners from increases in inflation and help businesses to be better prepared for increases when they occur.”

The minimum wage rate is indexed to New Brunswick’s consumer price index, rounded to the nearest five cents. The New Brunswick consumer price index grew by 3.6 per cent in 2023.

“Maintaining a competitive minimum wage cannot be our only focus in terms of helping individuals find ways to improve their quality of life,” said Dunn. “That is why we remain committed to supporting New Brunswickers with upskilling and their career growth to help them reach higher levels of earning.”

Anyone seeking assistance with reaching their career goals or seeking higher-paying work is encouraged to visit one of the 19 WorkingNB offices around the province.

With the 55-cent increase set for April 1, minimum wage will have increased by 36% 2019.

The government has legislated that the indexing of minimum wage increases to the consumer price index be reviewed every two years. A review will take place this year.

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