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New Works Added to Provincial Art Collection

The province’s art collection, collectionArtNB, has added 23 works of visual art, including five from Indigenous artists.

Established in 1968, collectionArtNB is a permanent collection totalling nearly 1,000 works of art. Every two years, artworks by contemporary New Brunswick artists are purchased for the collection; this is in addition to art commissioned as part of the construction of any new government building through the New Brunswick Public Art Policy.

“The provincial art collection serves as a testament to New Brunswick’s impressive legacy of visual culture and, additionally, as an incentive to the arts community looking toward the future,” said Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister Tammy Scott-Wallace. “Regular acquisitions by collectionArtNB are part of our commitment to increasing artists’ income.

“I am particularly proud to make this announcement during National Indigenous History Month, to foster a better understanding and appreciation of First Nations culture.”

The new Indigenous acquisitions are:

  • Audrey Arsenault – Ethnocide (2021) and Na’Gu’Set (2021)

  • Nate Gaffney – Kcihpolkon (Eagle) (2022)

  • Shane Perley-Dutcher – Reconciliation (2019)

  • Garry Sanipass – Dancing in a Circle (2021)

“We have a highly accomplished and talented community of Indigenous artists here in New Brunswick,” said Aboriginal Affairs Minister Arlene Dunn. “I am excited to see collectionArtNB continue to recognize this and provide a prominent, permanent showcase for First Nations art and culture.”

Last fall, professional artists working in New Brunswick for more than one year were invited to submit artwork for acquisition. Artists from all communities were encouraged to participate.

The other new acquisitions are:

  • Maryse Arseneault – Rosehip (2020)

  • Alanna Baird – Sea Urchin (2021)

  • Rémi Belliveau – Land of Evangeline (2021)

  • Jon Claytor – Looking Back (2023)

  • Chelsea Gauvin – Ghost Town (2022)

  • Mario Leblanc – Stream (2021)

  • Fabiola Martinez – Reflection Study II (2019)

  • Annie France Noël – Nutri (2020)

  • Maja Padrov – Large Ewer (2022)

  • Melanie Parent – Je t’entends (2020)

  • Roula Partheniou – Shift Series (Horizontal/Vertical) (2016)

  • Jared Peters – Police (2021)

  • Ralph Simpson – Hose Hip (2021)

  • Colin Smith – South Johnville is Just Over the Hill from Florenceville-Bristol (2022)

  • Dawn Steeves – Top of the Phoenix (View from Studio4Ward) (2023)

  • Anna Torma – Dressing Up (2021)

  • Janice Wright Cheney – Portrait of a Lady Fern (2018)

  • David Zsako – Cyclops (2019)

The mandate of collectionArtNB is to support and feature New Brunswick artists. Through the Acquisitions Program, the provincial government buys contemporary works by visual artists for display in its buildings and around the province. The selection of artworks is made by an independent peer selection committee composed of artists and art professionals.

The new acquisitions are expected to be formally presented this fall before touring the province for the public to enjoy.

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