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  • Kyle Bolt

Outfitters Program Offers Rebate on Hunting and Fishing Packages

Our government is investing up to $500,000 to support outfitters in the province through the NB Fish & Hunt Promotion. Participating outfitters will receive a 20% rebate on all hunting and fishing packages they sell to New Brunswick residents, allowing them to offset their prices.

We have been working closely with the tourism industry to establish this program for outfitters because we know how hard they have been hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. This incentive will bring much-needed support to outfitters and will encourage more New Brunswickers to enjoy our province this spring and summer.

Outfitters across the province struggled significantly this past year with the loss of lucrative business from outdoors enthusiasts who often travel to New Brunswick for hunting and fishing experiences. Outfitters provide a valuable service within the hunting and fishing industry in New Brunswick, including access to bear and salmon which are highly sought-after species.

All experiences must take place between April 15 and July 15 and include at least two nights of accommodations. For more information, visit

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