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  • Kyle Bolt

Record budget to support services related to intimate partner violence and sexual assault

The 2022-23 Women’s Equality Branch budget provides increased funding to support survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence. This year's budget totals nearly $4.7 million – a 44 per cent increase over last year. This is the largest budget increase since the branch was established 21 years ago.

Our government’s Building on Success budget clearly reflects our commitment to make meaningful differences in the lives of survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence. The record investments we are making in the organizations that deliver outreach services provide supportive housing and improve prevention and response to intimate partner violence and sexual violence. They are critical to breaking the cycle of abuse, supporting women and children subjected to abuse, and raising awareness about domestic violence and healthy relationships.

Highlights of the main estimates include: -$950,000 for specialized, accessible, sustained and timely sexual trauma counselling and crisis support services in five communities: Fredericton, Moncton, Edmundston, Acadian-Peninsula and Saint John -A 20% increase of $294,000 for all 14 domestic violence outreach programs and additional funding in communities with a higher volume of clients -A 35% increase of $176,550 to the Second Stage Housing program. This includes an 11 per cent increase for programs and adjusting the funding of four programs to align them with others of the same size -$55,000 for a new second-stage housing program in Miramichi, which will support the creation of eight housing units.

This year was the second time that the Women’s Equality Branch collaborated with the Department of Finance and Treasury Board to release the Gender Impact Statement alongside the budget. The Gender Impact Statement is designed around the core principles of Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+), which is a process intended to reduce systemic inequalities and advance gender equality. Applying this lens to the budget is essential because spending and taxation can affect genders and marginalized groups differently due to the variety of situations, needs and priorities. We look forward to working with our 21 GBA+ champions and our colleagues across government to promote a high-functioning government that creates initiatives, policies, programs and services that consider historical oppressions and barriers and respond to the diverse and unique realities of New Brunswickers.

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