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  • Kyle Bolt

Registration Fees Waived for Newly Graduated Nurses

The latest collaboration between the provincial government and the Nurses Association of New Brunswick will exempt newly graduated nursing students from first-time registration fees.

“Nursing recruitment is key to ensuring we have a well-staffed health-care system that can provide New Brunswickers with the care they need,” said Health Minister Bruce Fitch. “Working with the Nurses Association of New Brunswick to reduce the barriers for nurses entering the profession is one more way we are working to increase staffing, which benefits patients and ensures other health-care workers are part of a well-resourced team.”

The government has committed $2.7 million over five years toward the initiative, which is meant to enhance accessibility for applicants from within and outside the province. The savings for each recent graduate registering with the association is about $500.

“We are encouraged by the exponential growth in the number of students enrolled in nursing programs here in the province, having increased by over 90 per cent in the past five years,” said Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Arlene Dunn. “We are pleased to support this initiative that will assist post-secondary students with their transition from learning to becoming established in our health-care system.”

Dunn said eliminating such financial barriers reflects the association’s and government’s collective dedication to nurturing a diverse and skilled nursing workforce, which ultimately benefits the health-care sector.

"This agreement with the province is a testament to the shared vision of creating an environment where aspiring nurses can embark on their professional journey unencumbered,” said Denise LeBlanc-Kwaw, the association’s CEO and registrar. “We are immensely grateful for the collaborative spirit that has brought about this positive change.”

This initiative follows a collaboration between the government and association that reduces financial barriers for internationally educated nurses, including the cost of first-time registration.

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