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  • Kyle Bolt

Remembering Kenny Campbell

There are a lot of things that can be said about politics. People will choose to hate you when they have never met you, even close friends and family will become your biggest critics. But the absolute most incredible part of politics is the people you meet who become instant friends. This brings me to Kenny Campbell of Sussex who was laid to rest today. This wonderful man always brought a smile to my face, especially in 2020 in my very first campaign. I didn’t know Kenny very well at the time other than for his intense community involvement but he cheered me on without reservation. He strummed his guitar and sang with his friends in front of my campaign headquarters while the Liberal bus rolled into town (Lol…all in good fun) and he drove around in his little red truck with his sweet wife Joan plastered in TAMMY signs. He ensured I believed in myself. I will miss this special man very much. My deepest sympathies to Joan, their son Marty and Kenny’s endless batch of friends.

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