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  • Kyle Bolt

Remembering LeRoy Armstrong

Our community, and my family, has lost a very special person this week with the passing of LeRoy Armstrong. Many people may not know that he was my Great Uncle Roy (my late grandmother’s brother) and while we did not stand with the same political party, we shared a passion for our community and the people who live in it. He was such an important part of my tight-knit family and I remember the pride we all felt when he was first elected MLA in 1995. I was so excited to talk to him on the phone that night from the newsroom I was working at in Nova Scotia at the time. He was such a giant in my eyes. Fast forward 25 years and I was elected MLA in the same community, and I appreciate more than ever how much he gave. Leroy leaves behind such a legacy. He will be greatly missed.

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