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  • Kyle Bolt

Renaming Process for Mountain, Protected Natural Area and Community

The provincial government is now accepting suggestions for the renaming of a mountain, a protected natural area, and a community in Restigouche County.

This process marks another step toward reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples of our province. Finding new names for the community, the mountain and the protected natural area, which is part of the mountain, is long overdue. We have committed to eliminating derogatory names and ensuring that our toponymy process is sensitive to modern realities and represents values to which all New Brunswickers aspire.

New Brunswickers are encouraged to submit suggestions online until June 6 for replacing the former name of S---w Cap Mountain, natural protected area and community.

In addition to gathering feedback from the public, the government will engage with experts, such as historians, ethnohistorians, language experts and knowledge holders, to help determine the suitability of the proposed names.

A formal public announcement will be made once the new name(s) have been chosen. Community residents will be notified of the change directly; they will be responsible for updating their address on personal documents but will continue to have mail forwarded at no cost for up to a year.

Our government has made significant progress on addressing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, and we remain committed to reconciliation. This process sends a message of inclusivity; that we all belong, and that eliminating derogatory names is important to all New Brunswickers.

Separate processes will be undertaken in the future to rename other places with derogatory names.

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