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  • Kyle Bolt

Road Tripping in Kings Centre

What an amazing road trip I had last week in my friend and MLA Bill Oliver’s riding of Kings Centre. We put on a lot of miles and I loved every minute of it. We visited the John Fisher Museum in Kingston - what an impressive collection that reflects the rich heritage of the area. Next stop was the incredible Yip Cider which goes far beyond being a producer of cider as it becomes a gorgeous attraction for tourism and entertainment. We walked the grounds of the former Lone Water Farm, and paid a visit to Tammy at the former community school that has become the River Road Hub in Browns Flat. This multi-purpose gathering place shows exactly what a community of focused, passionate volunteers can do when they dream together. And finally we visited the breathtaking Evandale Resort and Marina to hear more about the Olsen family’s vision to recreate a luxury resort in this little piece of Heaven…and we ate the most delicious food prepared by their most amazing chef. There is just so much to see and do in this neck of the woods…you really should take a drive. It’s stunning.

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