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  • Kyle Bolt

Rotational Workers Now Eligible to Book Vaccinations

Rotational workers can now book an appointment through a pharmacy for vaccination against COVID-19. Regular cross-border commuters and truckers are also eligible to make an appointment. Walk-in appointments are not available.

If you are a rotational worker, you may break your self-isolation to get a vaccine as this is considered a necessary medical appointment. Rotational workers, regular cross-border commuters and truck drivers must bring proof of eligibility to their appointment. Regular cross-border commuters can use their multi-use travel registration through the New Brunswick Travel Registration Program. Truck drivers can use a Class 1 licence to demonstrate eligibility and rotational workers can use their travel registration confirmation.

If you are self-isolating, please indicate that to the pharmacy at the time you book your appointment. The pharmacy may have special protocols in place to accommodate you. Only book ONE appointment at one location. Go directly from home to a pharmacy for your vaccine appointment. After the vaccine appointment, return home to resume self isolation and complete the 14-day requirement.

IMPORTANT: At this time, appointments at pharmacies are only available for rotational workers, regular cross-border commuters and truckers or those aged 75 and older. Do not call a pharmacy unless you are in one of these groups or you are calling on behalf of someone in one of these groups. An announcement will be made when booking opens for other priority groups.

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