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  • Kyle Bolt

Royalty is Coming to Sussex

What an exciting day it was yesterday when I was able to take part in the announcement of the Royal Highness Princess Anne’s upcoming visit to Moncton and Sussex to attend the 8th Canadian Hussars 175th anniversary celebrations, taking place May 18th to 21st.

Her Royal Highness is colonel-in-chief of the regiment, whose rich history in the Sussex region played a vital role in the development of the community itself. Celebrating and recognizing the legacy of the 8th Canadian Hussars and Camp Sussex is so important when it comes to understanding our community’s roots. The regiment continues to have a strong presence in the town, with their B Squadron still based here.

It will be the perfect time to visit the 8th Hussars Museum located in the Sussex Train Station when they open for the season to brush up on your history in anticipation of the Royal visit!

Her Royal Highness will be attending civic events in Sussex on Sunday, May 21st. More information to follow.

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