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  • Kyle Bolt

Salisbury Volunteer Recognition Reception

Our communities are special and successful because of our volunteers. The unpaid work they do is seen everywhere….they coach our children in minor sports, drive patients to dialysis and cancer treatments, run our food banks and health clinics, save us from fires and accidents….and the list goes on and on.

Thank you Rob Campbell, Mayor of Salisbury, and your council for inviting me to your volunteer recognition reception. What an incredible community full of volunteers cheering one another on. Congratulations nominees and award recipients.

I am happy to be the candidate in this year’s election for the new riding of Sussex-Three Rivers, which will take in a piece of Salisbury. This community is filled with character and quality of life, and the volunteers have the biggest role to play in that. As always, it was great to share the occasion with Fundy Royal MP Rob Moore.

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