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  • Kyle Bolt

Sussex Area Artists Display Their Talent at the Beaverbook Art Gallery

We have such talented artists in this neck of the woods. I had a great visit to the gorgeous #BeaverbrookArtGallery to enjoy the exhibits of two constituents’ work. Bravo artists #PeterPowning and #HeatherMcCaig, both from little Markhamville in the riding of Sussex-Fundy-St. Martins.

Heather’s stunning glasswork features every provincial flower. Her exhibit runs until March 12.

Powning’s vast collection journeys through his 50 year career as an artist. His exhibit, Retrospective, runs until March 21.

Thank you curator, John Leroux, and gallery director, Tom Smart, for promoting our artists and giving me a tour. Stop in for a visit (Queen Street, Fredericton) to explore the renovated gallery. It’s amazing!

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