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  • Kyle Bolt

Team New Brunswick Wins 16 Medals at 2023 Canada Winter Games

Following two weeks of competition, #TeamEquipeNB ended the Canada Games with 16 medals. What an amazing showing by our province's athletes!

Gold ·Marisol Savoie, women’s 44 kg individual judo

·Dexter Richard and Eric Davis, men’s synchro trampoline

Silver ·Graham Goodwin, men’s épée individual fencing

·Mahée Savoie, women’s individual 57 kg individual judo

·Brandi Lingley, women’s individual 70 kg individual judo

·Molly Kane, Special Olympics level 3 figure skating

Bronze ·Dexter Richard, men’s individual trampoline

·Courtney Charlong, women’s 500 metre short-track speed skating

·Mya Payne, Katie Bower, Courtney Charlong and Hannah MacDougall, women’s 3,000 metre short-track speed skating relay

·Claire Han, women’s épée individual fencing

·Dominique Richard, women’s foil individual fencing

·Egan McLean, men’s 60 kg individual judo

·Dakota Sanzana, women’s 63 kg individual judo

·Felix Cyr, men’s 73 kg individual judo

·Tessa Scott, women’s 52 kg boxing

·Kayla McLean, Chelsea Pelletier, Vicky Pitre, Dakota Sanzana, Mahée Savoie, Marisol Savoie and Brandi Lingley, women’s judo team

New Brunswick was represented by 210 athletes, 70 coaches, managers and technical staff, and 22 mission team members.

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