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The Invitation Festival Fund Supports Multi-Day Festivals in NB

Organizers of multi-day festivals in the province are invited to apply for financial assistance in putting on their events.

The Invitation Festival Fund aims to boost the economy, elevate the arts and celebrate the province’s culture. It will provide thousands of dollars to both existing and new festivals. New offerings must be ticketed events, while existing festivals must show that at least 25% of their tickets were purchased by people living at least 75 kilometres outside the community.

This fund will reward groups who are working hard to attract visitors to their communities. These multi-day festivals benefit local economies in the short term, but also allow people more shared experiences – with each other and those from further away.

A similar incentive program was offered last summer, benefitting dozens of new festivals in communities around the province.

The level of assistance varies depending on each festival’s eligible expenses:

Expenses Level of assistance

$10,001 - $15,000 up to $3,000

$15,001 - $25,000 up to $5,000

$25,001 - $35,000 up to $7,000

$35,001 - $45,000 up to $9,000

$45,001 - $55,000 up to $11,000

$55,001 - $65,000 up to $13,000

$65,001 and over up to $15,000

Organizers of festivals taking place April 1 – Sept. 30 must apply by April 28; festivals happening Oct. 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024, must apply by Aug. 18. Half the funding will be provided once the event is approved. The rest will be released after organizers have provided a final report and supporting documentation within three weeks of the festival’s completion.

Events not eligible for this funding include meetings and conventions, trade shows and sporting events.

More details of the program, including application information, is available online.

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