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  • Kyle Bolt

Tree Fossil Discovery in Norton Dates Back to 350 Million Years Ago

We all know forestry in New Brunswick is key to our identity and quality of life. Our forest is an important economic driver and it sets the beautiful, unique landscape of our rural province that we and our visitors love for the outdoor adventure it allows.

But until now we didn’t know just how deep that unique history goes.

I am consistently in awe of the work researchers at our New Brunswick Museum - Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick do to unravel the story of our province’s beginning. Matthew Stimson and Olivia King, paleontologists at the museum, have exposed ancient fossil trees from a quarry in Norton that date back more than 350 million years ago, and they look like trees from a Dr. Seuss story book. Amazing. This find is more rare than discovering complete dinosaur fossils and it’s being talked about around the world as reported by CNN this week. This discovery has opened a window into what the world was like when the planet’s early forests were beginning to evolve.

This is incredible work Matthew and Olivia, and so important to understanding what came before us. Thank you. I am truly fascinated.

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