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  • Kyle Bolt

Gastronomic Tasting Experience Prepared by NBCC's Future Chefs

Our future tourism industry is in good hands. Food elevates every experience, especially when it comes to tourism experiences, and exceptional service and hospitality is what keeps visitors coming back for more.

Tonight was a perfect date night for Troy and I as we got to experience NBCC’s future chefs (including our son Kegan Wallace, of course) and hospitality workers offer a fine dining Gastronomic Tasting experience, spearheaded by instructor Chef Emmanuel Charretier. They prepared an 11-course, New Brunswick-themed menu from the water and land of our region and across international boundaries, all served by hotel and restaurant management students. They also served the most delicious drinks.

What an incredible experience. Thank you students….we are proud to have you contribute to this wonderful, rewarding industry in our beautiful province. #ExploreNB

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