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Canada-New Brunswick Housing Benefit Program Expands to Reach More Low-Income Individuals

More low-income working people will be eligible to apply for the Canada-New Brunswick Housing Benefit program. The program, which provides short-term funding to help make ends meet, has been expanded to help single individuals who live alone and who have employment incomes between $12,500 and $50,000.

“As New Brunswickers continue to face economic challenges, we are pleased to be able to work with our federal colleagues again to help more hardworking residents have access to this important resource,” said Social Development Minister Dorothy Shephard. “By expanding the program eligibility, we can help ensure they do not have to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table.”

When it was first launched in June 2021, the program provided a short-term rental affordability benefit to families with employment incomes from $14,000 to $38,000. It was then expanded to help more families by adjusting the income brackets to between $12,500 and $50,000. Now, by further expanding the program to people living alone, an estimated 10,000 more residents would be eligible.

“Every Canadian deserves a safe and affordable place to call home,” said federal Housing and Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen. “To respond to the increased cost of living, we are expanding the Canada-New Brunswick Housing Benefit to help ensure that hard working New Brunswickers in need do not get left behind. The Canada Housing Benefit is a key pillar of the National Housing Strategy that will help families across New Brunswick and Canada. Together, we will build strong communities where Canadians can prosper and thrive, now and for the future. This is our government’s National Housing Strategy at work.”

Since 2021, the program has aimed to support about 6,700 households in the province over a period of seven years. As of Jan. 31, 1,255 households have been approved, which benefits about 4,400 people. The benefit is delivered directly to the household, not to the housing unit or landlord, so it can move with families to any other rental units in the province.

More program details and information on the application process are available online. Any questions about the application process can be emailed to Assistance is also available by phone by calling 211.

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