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  • Kyle Bolt

February 8th-15th is Heritage Week 2021!

Heritage Week 2021 takes place February 8th - 15th. This year’s theme is Exploring our Past and Re-imagining our Future.

Heritage is all around us. It is in the stories you hear from your family and friends, the places you visit, the buildings you see in your community, the books you read, the films you watch, the cultural activities you experience, the landscapes you love to explore and so much more.

During Heritage Week we encourage everyone to visit and discover our great buildings, extraordinary landscapes and vibrant urban and rural communities or to attend a heritage week event in their community. If you can’t experience activities and places first-hand, then consider exploring heritage virtually from your home. Click on the following link to obtain a list of websites that will help get your search started:

Remember: We learn about the past to understand the world we live in today and to pave the way for a better future. Celebrate Heritage Week 2021 and discover your identity and source of life and inspiration!

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