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  • Kyle Bolt

Heritage Week 2022 'Discover our Storytellers'

The theme for Heritage Week 2022 will be Discover our Storytellers. The week will run from February 14th until the 21st.

Storytellers are crucial to honouring and understanding where we come from; in fact I was a storyteller through my career as a journalist for 25 years. They aid us in our collective journeys in the present and into the future. Heritage Week allows New Brunswickers to celebrate these storytellers and their teachings.

There are knowledge holders in every culture, society, community and family. They may be elders, grandparents, historians, artists, singers/songwriters, authors, poets, philosophers, scientists or teachers. Their roles are to engage others in sharing knowledge and the wisdom, teachings, appreciation of objects, cultural and natural sites, historical figures, and the experiences of those who came before them.

The intention of the storyteller theme is to call to mind the variety of components of the collective heritage of New Brunswickers. It may involve historical figures, monuments, or buildings. It could also include intangible heritage such as food, a language and its expressions, legends, and historical events that shaped or continue to shape a community.

During Heritage Week, the New Brunswick Museum will host a digital platform, accessible to the public, containing a series of videos on different aspects of heritage, prepared by the province's cultural institutions. The museum will also offer schools a free educational program that can be used during the Heritage Fair season.

More information on Heritage Week in New Brunswick is available online:

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